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Welcome to our new Photo Page
Here we hope to Create a collage of our church activities.

Photos from the removal of the church Steeple in Late 2019.
It is with great sadness, much prayer and debate that the church had to remove the Steeple.  Due to significant water, mortar and structural damage to the supporting building under the steeple, repairing and maintaining the steeple was just not feasible.  The weathered cross that stood high above the church for many years is now being considered for repurpose on or around the church.  Enjoy these photos of the removal and rebuilding of the church Steeple.
Octegenarian Celebration

This is from our 2018 Christmas services and Children's play

Our 2018 octogenarian Celebration

This is our 8th Annual Pork and Sauerkraut dinner on New Years Day 2019.

This is our Fourth Annual Pork and Sauerkraut dinner on New Years Day 2015.

We were celebrating the 90th Birthday of three of our members the end of June 2016.
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